Tips For Selecting GPS For 4wd Tour

Courtesy-CampAbout Oz

For all the adventurous people out there, going for a 4 wheel drive tour is the one of the best experiences to have. However, for such an adventure, you need a few gadgets, such as a GPS for off-roading. This is because the content between these GPS varies, and can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you select a GPS for such adventures.

  • Topography

In Cape York 4wd tours are supervised by experts, who suggest that topographic mapping is a feature that should be made a priority. This is because this data is not available on a regular GPS and is required for drivers to evaluate if they can driver over the terrain or not. This is the biggest advantage of using this GPS.

  • Dedicated device

Having a dedicated device for this purpose, compared to an app, is essential because while apps may be equally useful, off-roading in areas where there is little or no cell coverage can be potentially dangerous. Apps may at times give inaccurate positioning, or the app may stop working due to low signal strength, which can cause accidents, navigation disasters, and can lead to death as well.

  • Points of interest

Many off road GPS include the feature of “points of interest”, that can be very helpful regardless of whether you are a 4WDer or a camper. These can pinpoint potential campsites, refueling points, and other places you may need to stop at when you’re out on an adventure.

Make sure you look at these considerations when selecting a GPS for your off-road, 4WD adventures.

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