Review Ernie Ball Music Man James Valentine Guitar

James Valentine, guitarist for the group Maroon 5, after stated in an interview that he stopped designing his personal guitar since he understood that he was better off enjoying a lot of different guitars, such as the Teles and 335s that he turned between when acting on stage.

But, Valentine had a change of heart after he joined with the fine people at Ernie Ball Music Man, that helped him produce the guitar of his dreams: a mythical tool that unites the best hits of his favorite guitars with fresh inventive twists.

Chief among those creations will be the guitar's ergonomic reel body design, which adds itself to Valentine's amazing rhythmic playing fashion, and versatile electronic equipment which enable the James Valentine signature to be ideal for a huge array of musical tastes, from "Moves Like Jagger" soda into a Zeppelinesque stomp.


Even though James Valentine is a large fan of ESstyle semi-hollow guitars, the sole nod to these guitars are the pickguard form and also the curves of the lower bout and cutaway horns. Valentine can be a Tele enthusiast, which clarifies the slab ash body. However, to cut back on body fat, the Valentine guitar includes Ernie Ball Music Man's innovative wedge shape which subtly strolled out of a thicker bottom into a slightly thinner shirt, all minus the guitar's warm tone and effective resonance. An extra benefit of the contour is that the guitar gives a comfortable playing position, allowing your forearm to become more relaxed.

Pickups include a habit Music Man humbucker in the neck with coil dividing through the push master tone knob along with a massive custom Music Man single-coil with staggered pole pieces such as a Tele. A built-in hum canceling circuit makes it possible for users to correct trim pots to your neck and bridge pickups to minimize sound, and also an active preamp that offers that a 20dB gain increase is engaged using the master volume management's push function.

Though the pickup selector contains just 3 places, its five distinct pickup choices–bridge single coil, neck humbucker and bridge single coil parallel, neck single-coil (divide participated) and also bridge single-coil parallel, neck humbucker collection, and throat single-coil (divide participated)–cover a vast selection of Tele matches ES335 tonnes.

The Valentine signature incorporates many premium features such as its hardtail, string through body bridge with vintage style bent steel saddles, and detachable metal cover which gives you a comfortable base for hammering the deciding hand when palm muting strings.


Ernie Ball Music Man guitars are famous for their ultimate playability, and also the Valentine over lives up to the heritage. The gunstock oil and hand-rubbed wax end of the throat offer similar texture and immunity to raw timber. The paid nut provides spot-on intonation when consumed and down the throat, and the sculpted neck joint allows guitarists to get the uppermost frets effortlessly. The wedge body design is both lightweight and elegant, which makes the guitar a pleasure to perform for hours.

What impressed me the most about the Valentine is the way it's comparatively straightforward and uncomplicated controls supplied access to a massive selection of sounds perfect for a vast assortment of music. The neck humbucker by itself can sing like an ES335 using a gorgeously, voluptuous tone. A complete world of textures could be researched by experimenting with different divide and volume settings when the two pickups are engaged, along with the 20dB active profit increase unleashes incredible sustain to fatten up solos. This flexibility makes the Valentine a fantastic selection for guitarists who would rather gig all night with only 1 ax.

* A flexible hum canceling circuit offers dead quiet sound once the bridge single-coil and divide neck humbucker configurations are engaged. Go over Electricguitarguide to learn further details about electric guitar kits and how good they are.

* A 20dB active advantage increase circuit enables guitarists to participate fat, competitive overdrive straight from the guitar by simply pushing back on the master volume control.


By combining an advanced wedge body shape with flexible electronics, the Ernie Ball Music Man James Valentine provides a varied rainbow of tones together with playability and comfort.

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