How To Order Checks From Checks Unlimited

There are three main processes involved in ordering checks. They include placing a check order, personalizing your check order and following the submissions. To place an order, select check and click on the order button. This will bring you the check detail page that shows the check type and quantity. Choose the check type and select one part or duplicate. The check quantity can be two boxes or four boxes. After that click on the continue button to personalize your check.

To personalize your check order, here is the information required;

  • Bank information. This involves your financial institution number, check starting number, account number, last name and the zip code.
  • Personal information. This involves your name and address.

To customize your check, you may add a custom font. However, this varies depending on the type of product. After that, you will need to review the whole page to make sure that the shopping cart is not an old content. It should be up to date.

As per the delivery options, all the Checks Unlimited checks are usually shipped to the address you provided for your checks. This is done for the security reasons. Before submitting your order, you will need to go through the order summary to make sure that the check order is right and correct to avoid problems. After receiving your order, choose and select the payment method of your choice. For the submissions follow up, you will receive an email that confirms the receipt of your order.

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