Popping Pimples Without Causing An Infection

Not only do pimples make your face look bad, but they are often uncomfortable. This leads people to attempt to get rid of them by using their fingers or fingernails to burst the pimple. Because the pimples are full of bacteria, they are very infectious. You therefore need to take care when popping them. Pop a pimple incorrectly, and you can not only introduce new bacteria to the broken skin, but also liberally coat the rest of your skin with the bacteria you have just released.

It follows from this that pimple popping should only be done with a sterilised pimple popper extractor, and certainly never with your fingers. Even if you wash them, your fingers are still thick with germs. The difference, of course, is that you can boil a stainless steel pimple popper in water for five minutes. But, however determined you are to have clean hands, you cannot plunge your fingers into boiling hot water. Without doing so they will always carry germs.

Those pesky germs are more than just a theoretical nuisance. The infection they bring can lead your pimple to develop into a permanent scar.

Take proper precautions with the pimple, by keeping the skin clean and emptying the toxic contents with care, and you can eliminate it from your face very quickly. A well-popped pimple that's kept clean heals within a day or so, and will not leave a scar.

HP launches new phablets with Huawei Kirin processors

As we know, Kirin processors are only used in Huawei smart phones or tablets. But several weeks before, news said HP has already been authorized to use Kirin processor. Today, this news is confirmed, and HP launches two new phablets with Huawei Kirin processor in India. 

These two new tablets pc are HP Slate 7 VoiceTab Ultra and HP Slate 8 Plus. Both are adopting one quad core processor from Kirin, and frequency is 1.6GHz. GPU is ARM Mali-450

HP Slate 7 VoiceTab Ultra owns one 7 inch IPS screen, resolution is 1920*1200 pixels. Its RAM is 2GB, and flash memory is 16GB. Its front camera is 5M pixels, and rear camera is 13M pixels. Battery capacity is 5000Mah. 

HP Slate 8 Plus owns one 8 inch IPS screen, resolution is 1280*800 pixels. RAM is 1GB and flash memory is 16GB. Front camera is 1M pixels, and rear camera is 5M pixels. Battery capacity is 4800Mah. 

Now, both units are running Android 4.2 operation system, but HP promises to upgrade it to Android 4.4 in near future. 

Regarding the price, HP Slate 7 VoinceTab Ultra is about 480 US dollars, and Slate 8 Plus is about 370 US dollars. The price is still a bit higher than we expect. 

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

what is keraniqueMolly Nover-Baker explained that while the Toppik is a nice way to topically treat thinning or baldness. She also shared that Keranique includes the only FDA-approved ingredient for hair regrowth, which is Minoxidil. Keranique is a more medicinal way to treat this embarrassing condition. Molly does add that it is very important to be diligent with the application of this product. I had severe hair loss and to this day am unsure of the reason why. So that you can get the results you are hoping for.  I had long hair down my back, for 8 months my hair wouldn't stop falling out. It went from thick to thin and long to short! Out of total frustration, I went to the barber and had them cut it in a bob length.

This year 2010, my husband ordered a 3 month supply of a Keranique Review packet for me.  After the 1st month there was a noticeable difference in my hair concerning length, thickness and strength. I was upset because it cost $160. 00. The shampoo and conditioner used together worked wonders for my hair! In about 2 weeks, I will be just finishing up the product and I will definitely order so more!