ELiquid Myths – Getting the Facts Straight

As always, a lot has been misunderstood in the concept of eLiquids and its benefits to smokers and non smokers alike. Some people still go for the traditional cigarette because they think that it doesn't have a difference with eLiquid at all. If you're a smoker who is looking for safer alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes, it might be a good idea to read on facts about eLiquids and eCigarettes before you decide to go on a big switch. A lot of misconception has gone down since the time the eLiquids and eCigarettes has been introduced to the public, and it would not hurt to read on for a little education on facts that have been misunderstood about eLiquids.

First, it has been thought that eLiquid has no nicotine content at all. E-liquids come in different nicotine strengths, meaning there are variants that still contain nicotine, while there are variants with zero nicotine content. Smokers still have the option to have the nicotine they used to have in their traditional cigarette minus the distinct smell and also, there are options for those who are weening away from nicotine with the zero nicotine variants. Also, for those who have not done a lot of research yet, there is the fear of going for the eLiquid option as they are not aware of its content and they fear that eLiquids have harmful chemicals. This gives fear to those who wants to enjoy ripe vapes. This does not really go along with the facts as the truth is, while eLiquids are made with chemicals, the chemicals used are also used as ingredients for pharmaceutical products like tablets and capsules. So you can consider eLiquids safe to use as the chemicals are not harmful to your health. While there are flavors that may have chemicals, like taste tugsauce, these flavors are all food grades and are considered safe for consumption.

Lastly, a lot of misunderstanding has gone down about eLiquids being more expensive than the traditional cigarette. This misconception may be accounted for the actual ecigarette kits that you have to initially buy. Though the eCigarette kit may cost you some money depending on the brand and quality, buying eLiquid in the long run will save you a few dollars compared to the cost of traditional cigarettes.