Planning the Office Party

corporate catering in torontoI'm not sure how it happened, but I have recently been roped into being our office party planner at work. This includes birthday parties, holiday parties, and any corporate product launch parties that we may through. This is a huge responsibility that I want to make sure I can handle, with no issues. 

The Success of Corporate Office Party Planning

Since becoming the party planner for the corporate office in Toronto, we have had a few small parties. I am happy to say that they were a success! These parties may not be the kind of party you picture when you hear that word. These are for older types, mostly executives who do not like to let their hair down so planning was a little tricky. The best decision I made for these parties was to hire corporate catering in Toronto. The corporate catering company I hired were amazing! Without their expertise and professionalism, the party would not have been as much of a success as it was. 

The corporate catering company I hired were so professional. They were on time to the event, set up the tables and food, and dismantled everything before they left. They even had servers pass out flutes of champagne and appetizers on trays to our executives. I could not recommend hiring that catering company enough! Any time we have a party at our Toronto office, I know who to call!

How Effective Is Cherry Juice For Your Health?

If you are suffering from severe joint pain due to gout, then I have a natural remedy for your pain relief- cherry juice. Cherry juice is extremely rich in antioxidants which when consumed will improve the condition of your joints. Does cherry juice help with gout? Gout occurs due to the increase of uric acid in the joints. Cherry juice helps effectively to remove this acid and thereby, provides relief from the pain.

The best thing is that there are no side effects since the cherry juice you prepare at home will be 100% organic. You could make cherry juice a part of your balanced diet for maximum benefit. It would be better if you prepare the juice at home instead of buying canned juice from the market since they have added preservatives.

To make cherry juice even more delicious, you could add some other fruits in the juicer along with cherry. These days you can find concentrated cherry juice in the markets. Taking this concentrated juice only two tea spoons twice a day will also relieve your pain to a great extent. Black cherry juice also helps in healing the gout pain. When you take gout juice regularly, you will notice that your pain has relieved to a great extent.

Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

Are you overweight and want to shed the unwanted fat but do not want to opt for exercise or dieting? If yes, then have you given juices a try? Drinking juice is a very effective way of losing weight. Through juices you will be able to get the required nutrients without eating solid food.

Here are some juicing recipes that you can try for shedding weight:

1. Take 2 apples, a small cucumber, parsley and few carrots and put them in a juicer or blender. This recipe is best as it helps in controlling your appetite and that’s why it is known as hunger buster. If you want to know how different juicing recipes can benefit you then you should look for their explanation through the internet.

2. Do you like to have a smoothie in the morning? If yes, then you will definitely love this recipe. You need to have 2 peeled oranges, half banana, 4-5 strawberries, 1 grapefruit, 2 tbsp of protein powder and ice. This shake will provide you energy for whole day and it has a wonderful taste.

3. For this recipe, you need to have 2 medium sized apples, half grapefruit, a handful of seedless grapes and few sprigs of parsley. It is great for breakfast. You can also share this yummy recipe with your friends who are not on diet. I am sure they will also love it.

Know More About Mezcal Brands

Well everyone has heard about Mezcal, the finest spirits originated in Mexico. Mezcals are derived from Agave plants also known as ‘single malt’ the Agave. The word mezcal comes from Nahuatl which in Mexican means oven cooked agave. Mezcal is made from the heart of the agave plant also known as pina.

As mezcal being so popular in the world it is even being made in Australia. Casa Mezcal is the result of hard work done by a Mexican couple since 2012, for showing the tradition of Mexico to Australia. Mezcal has become a bond between Mexico & Australia. Representing the true flavours of Mexico Mezcal wins the heart of everyone living in suburbs of Australia.

In Mexico mezcal is generally drunk normally, not mixed with any cocktail. It is not a tradition in Mexico to mix it with other liquids, but it is often served with sliced oranges sprinkled with ground fried larvae called “Sal de gusano” which means worm salts.

After 10 years of sunlight, Agaves are traditionally cooked in a stone oven for 5 days. The product is then sent for distillation process it is triple distilled in copper pots, which gives it the perfect Mexican aroma & flavour with a smooth & fresh palette.

Some of the most popular brands being Nuestra Soledad, El Jolgoria, Agave de Cortes. Casa mezcal not only brings this Mexican spirit of ecstasy but it also makes them experience the Mexican culture with a great quality & high end products that tell their own story.